Give Clothes Swishing A Go!

You may be reading the title of this article and wondering what on Earth I mean! However clothes swishing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and around the world. Basically it is a party where women can go and hang up clothing and accessories they have never or hardly worn or used. The fun part is that you can hang up your garments and go and take other peoples home for free!The amount of people that go out shopping looking for new clothes then end up buying loads of different things is common. They end up wearing the one favourite piece that they have bought and the others get left past their 28 days return. Some people buy in desperation from not finding anything at all, although deep down they know it will not get worn due to not being their colour or correct fit. If you find yourself in one of these categories, and look in your wardrobe to find too many items with price tags still attached there is something you can do. Make sure you have a look for a local clothes swishing event online, or create your own!Waking down the street you see an array of individual fashion. Some peoples clothing may take your fancy but you find out they had bought it months or years ago and is no longer in store. If you attend a swishing party you may just find a piece you love that is no longer available! Swishing parties have turned global with women all over the world from Mexico City to Paris wishing to host them.Clothes swap parties do come with some rules. When arriving at the party you need to bring some items with you that you would be proud to pass on. If it does not have a label on it must still be in good condition. Also you can take away clothes for free but the rule of etiquette is to only take away the same number of items that you have brought. You will find a number of high street clothing but if you are lucky and arrive promptly you will be able to find some designer clothing and accessories too!Swish parties do sound great and they also have a message behind them to look after our environment. Throwing these parties will help reduce the waste that is produced by people throwing away clothes. If you want to find vintage or high end clothing there is a possibility. If you are just there to enjoy the day with friends and hopefully pick up a few high street pieces, then either way these parties will be the perfect place for you to attend.